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 We are confident in our products and stand behind them with 24/7 tech support if you have any questions, concerns, or issues with any of our products please give us a call 863-937-9739. We will resolve them as promptly as possible to minimize the impact on your business.

  Auto Logic

   You can give your customers a quick quote to take to their financial institution in just minutes!

    Perform Cash, Finance, Lease or Wholesale deals with Autologic.

   Our program facilitates the entry and collection of your accounts and furnishes you all the information to track and maintain control of your customer activities throughout the entire loan process.

   Add or edit your entire inventory. Breaks down your VIN (vehicle Identification number), making sure you have the correct vehicle, allowing you to add up-to-date additional costs to your entire inventory.

   AutoLogic will give you all the end of period reports you will need. Account balance, borrower list, daily cash receipts by date or receipt no., daily F&I, doc stamps for you in house loans, finance contracts, various past due reports for your collections, create and print payment receipts, principle & interest collected and owed. AutoLogic will make the end of month closing easier it creates your Sales Tax Report, Sales & Status (by delivery date), Temp Tag Log, Transaction and Washout reports.

Temp Tag Lite
Our Temp Tag program features built in insurance and body codes from DMV. You can issue a synthetic Paper temp tag or you can transfer existing customers tag to the new/used vehicle.

$ 6.00 paper temp tags
$ 5.00 Transfer Customers existing metal plate

Electronic Liens

    The new Florida law passed on March 9, 2012 will require the use of a DHSMV- approved ELT (Electronic Lien & Title) vendor to release your liens and/or request printed titles. Anyone releasing liens or requesting paper titles must sign up with one of the DHSMV-approved ELT vendors by 1, January 2013.